Marcação a Mercado e a Crise

A adoção da marcação a mercado ajudou a crise financeira mundial? Segundo alguns pesquisadores, sim. Quando o preço dos ativos aumenta, melhora o patrimônio líquido. O inverso também é verdadeiro. Eis o que diz o Financial Times

Only now, in the middle of a global credit crisis, is the impact of the broad introduction of mark-to-market accounting becoming clear. The critical concerns are around how much these changes helped to inflate the credit bubble and whether they will increase the speed and destructive power of its collapse.

To be fair, the US banks protested at the outset that the move would change their role in the economy. So did the French banking federation before similar changes came to Europe in 2005. It warned that fair-value accounting “could even further increase the euphoria in a financial bubble or the panic in the markets in a time of crisis”. Tobias Adrian, an economist at the New York Fed, and Hyun Song Shin of Princeton University, have produced a string of work about this kind of “pro-cyclicality” in finance and the economy, culminating in a paper last September entitled Liquidity and Leverage .

(…) The lesson for regulators is that the solution to one problem almost always contains the seeds of another.

Aqui para mais detalhes


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